Gabe Landeskog joins us on today’s episode of Chasin’ Birdies. The Swedish NHLer won the Stanley Cup in 2021-2022 with the Colorado Avalanche, and just like us; he can’t get enough of chasin’ that white ball around.

We open up the episode and touch briefly on the great state of Colorado. Pepe asks for a look-in at Gabe’s offseason and where he goes during that time. Gabe explains how he got his start in the hockey world and how he moved over to Toronto from Sweden. 2011 hits, and he’s taken 2nd overall in the draft by the Avalanche.

The episode turns over to Stanley Cup talk, where Gabe explains the vibe that the team had while chasin’ the Cup. Although coming up short in previous years, he felt the shortcomings were necessary to reach the end goal: winning the Cup. Managing the momentum shifts takes synergy, and that’s what they did in the 2021-2022 season.

What’s in the Cup? Pepe can’t help but ask what drink of choice landed in the cup after the win. Gabe discusses the handling of the Cup and the parties that ensued.

Golf talk happens late in the episode, and Gabe expresses his love for the game. We tell some fun golf stories and talk a little about what we amateurs do on the course to mess up a good round. After some golf banter, we end the episode with our standard Tap-In segment, where we ask Gabe 4 questions that demand his quick response. Tune in now to this episode and share! If you’re a hockey nut or golf nut..or both, this one is right up your alley!

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