We’re back this week on Chasin’ Birdies with a guest who does that day in and day out. Andrew Redvanly, Founder of Redvanly, joins us on the podcast today.

We open up the episode and learn a little more about Andrew. Growing up in New Jersey, he tells us about his upbringing in sports (mainly hockey) and his early on dream of becoming a sports agent. Fast forward to after college, he decides to take a shot at offering some clothing pieces to clubs, and the beginning of Redvanly is underway.

After talking more about the apparel game, we get into some sports talk and chat about current day situations with some of our favorite sports teams. We hear a story about a time in Napa with one of his employees.

At the 39-minute mark, Pepe’s laptop s***s the bed, and it just becomes a banter with Andrew and Bash. We talk more about golf and business and what it takes to be successful in today’s world. We talk in-depth about Chasin’ Birdies and what’s going on with the podcast.

Bash takes the reigns and attempts to handle the tap-in segment, but questions aren’t readily available, so this is done on the cuff!

Tune in now, buy some Redvanly, and share this episode!

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