Jonathan Pepe & Ryan Bashour

We’re back this week on Chasin’ Birdies as we head over to the NFL world. Danny Woodhead joins us in this episode to chat about all things life, football, and his passion for golf.

We open up the episode with Danny giving us a look into his early football career. Setting records in college, Danny was undrafted and ended up being scooped up by the Jets. He tells us the story of an injury that sets him back but only to be claimed thereafter by the New England Patriots.

We talk about what it was like playing with Tom Brady and for Bill Belichick. We get a glimpse into what practices were like with Tom tossin’ the pigskin. Staying on the football front, we talk about Super Bowl 46 and his move over to the San Diego Chargers.

Not knowing what to do after football, Danny’s wife told him he should take up golf. This small fire set blaze, and Danny tells us how now he’s totally hooked on golf.

Playing at a scratch, we talk about golf experiences he’s had and his passion. We have to admit, Danny is an equipment junky and gives us a look into what his set currently consists of.

We end the episode with our standard tap-in segment, where Danny is asked four questions that demand his quick response. Tune in, share, and give us your feedback on this episode! You’re going to want to peg it up after listening.

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