You know you’re guilty of this…showing up to the range 20 minutes (if you’re lucky) before your tee time and ‘trying’ to stretch. Swing a heavy club, touch your toes, loosen up with a wedge..we all do it. But the real work is done in the offseason. We dive into some good stretch talk with Kyle Valery and Chris Wilke from Stretch Affect in San Diego, CA.

The show opens up with a basic understanding of how Kyle and Chris came to be business partners. They’re both experts in their respective fields. They are trying to grow their brand awareness to the masses and help people gain more mobility. Kyle explains how Stretch Affect came to be. We turn the episode over to some golf talk. Firing up the glutes? Chris explains that this happens over a long course of time…not just in 5 minutes before your round. Having a good stretch regime will go a long way with your golf game. We dive into more golf talk and share some laughs. 

We end the episode with our standard tap-in segment, where Kyle and Chris are hit with questions that demand their quick response. Check out this episode of Chasin’ Birdies and get your body moving in the right way. Stretch Affect can be found online. Tell them the Chasin’ Birdies boys sent ya.

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