Listen up! We’re back this week with a very special guest and friend of the pod, Jon Barry. JB played numerous years in the NBA and worked courtside as an analyst for ESPN. Now, he does some weeknight commentary for NBA TV.

The episode opens up with us just catching up with Jon. We recap some nights we had at The Greenbrier during the Chasin’ Birdies Two-Man. Jon talks about his early years and playing college ball in the ACC. He talks about gearing up for life in the NBA and what propelled him into being drafted in the 1st round of the NBA Draft.

We talk hoops, and although we aren’t hoopers by trade, we discuss NIL and the landscape of college basketball today. This discussion bleeds into other college sports talk and how the NIL has changed all of college sports.

The talk turns over to the Lebron/MJ debate. We discuss which player had a bigger effect on the game itself. Who are you taking?? We talk a bit more about the NBA and how the game has changed since he played.

We turn the pod over to some golf talk, and we mention that Pepe is battling Lymes Disease. Pepe can’t help but to talk about some art that JB received from an artist called Pricasso. Check out Pricasso online and use your imagination.

We round up the episode with some golf talk. JB is a golf addict and plays on the reg. The episode ends with our standard Tap-In Segment, where JB is asked some questions that demand his quick reply. Tune in now to a great episode covering a lot of topics!

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