JP Arencibia joins us this week on Chasin’ Birdies. We kick off our 4th season with a banger! By the way, thanks for the support along the way. We heart you.

We open up the episode with some cigar right away. JP and Pepe can’t help but salivate at the mouth when they hear the word ‘cigar.’ They both agree that smoking a cigar is a way to relax. Hmm.

We chop it up over what it was like growing up in Miami and the transition into the baseball world. JP fills us in on his whole baseball career. We get into the modern world of baseball and how these rule changes positively affect the game.

We get into some deep talk about mental health. JP opens up about some of his battles and discusses the thought process. Whether golfing or on the field, being able to stay present in the moment is key to success.

We end our episode with our standard tap-in segment AND the new addition – Golfer’s Dilemma, where we pose a dilemma scenario that we’re all familiar with! Tune in to this week’s episode and start your day off right!

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