We are stoked to bring you this episode of Chasin’ Birdies with former NFL DT and current ESPN football analyst Booger McFarland. We love knowing that although we didn’t win a Super Bowl or can’t do play-by-play playcalling, we still have golf as our common denominator with Booger.

We open up the episode and talk with Booger about what’s going on in life and how he gets his golf fix during his busy season. He explains how he got into radio in the Tampa Bay market.

We asked Booger, “Why golf?” He tells us how he got started in golf and why he’s addicted. We also learn that if you’re going to play with Booger, you better play fast, or he’ll leave you behind. We hear Booger’s thoughts on Oakmont..like it, love it, or hate it?

We dive into more golf talk and hit on some points about pace of play. LIV Golf vs. PGA Tour talk ensues. Booger explains his perspective on LIV Golf and how that tour will now co-exist with the PGA Tour. Is he a fan of LIV? You’ll have to listen to hear.

We end our episode with our standard Tap-In Segment presented by Bettinardi Golf, where Booger explains his most memorable round of golf as well as the best player he’s played against in the NFL! Tune in now to listen to this fun-filled episode..we know you’ll enjoy it.

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