New episode..and a new topic for discussion on Chasin’ Birdies: Food. On today’s episode, we bring on Starvin Marvin Jr to chat it up about his food obsession. Since COVID hit, his Instagram handle has grown, and he posts some pretty amazing creations that he makes in the kitchen.  We open up the show and talk about who is Starvin Marvin Jr and how in the world did this happen? His real name is Pat, and he actually has a REAL job.

Like us and Chasin’ Birdies, ‘Starvin Marvin Jr’ is his side gig. We get into some discussions on how he decided to start this venture and what he likes to cook. By mid-episode, you’ll be starving. We turn the episode over and discuss how golf clubs across the country are all known for their ‘one’ thing they serve. Whether it’s the Milkshakes at Muirfield Village or Turtle Soup at Pine Valley, golf and food really do go hand in hand.

We also learn firsthand that Starvin Marvin does NOT have a brother. You have to listen to the episode to understand this one. We end the episode with our standard Tap-In segment presented by Bettinardi Golf, where Starvin is asked four questions that demand his quick answers. Tune in now to this fun-filled episode! We guarantee you’ll catch a few good laughs!

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