Whether it’s golf or any other sport, we’re all about it on Chasin’ Birdies. Today’s guest is a perfect example of one who can’t get enough of golf but has been chasin’ birdies in life their whole career. Bob Pompeani from KDKA Pittsburgh joins us on this episode of chasin’ birdies. In fact, Bob just received the Sports Broadcaster of the Year award for 2022. Bob was a little late to the tee…so we had to cut the interview short.

We open up the interview and talk about how he got on the professional path he’s been on now for over 40 years. Bob fills us in on why he wanted to be in the sports world after dealing with some heart issues early in life.  We talk more about sports and specifically the Steelers. He gives us his opinion on where they’re headed and what the future could look like. We do love talking golf…but with a sports broadcaster on the line, we have to include some other topics outside of golf.  We turn the episode over to some golf talk. We make mention of all the great courses that exist in SW PA. Bob has a great plan, in theory, to bring a new kind of golf tournament to the Tri-State region. We elaborate on this a bit and hear some stories from the Mario Lemieux golf tournament…including red wine on a white suit. Good stuff, Bob!

We end the interview with our standard Tap-In segment before Bob has to run off and be a pro on TV. If you’re a Pittsburgher, you’ll love this episode. Share, listen, and like…we appreciate the love! Enjoy it!

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