This week’s episode of Chasin’ Birdies consists of your two favorite hosts yucking it up over some golf talk, winter blues, and a Patrick Reed rant from Pepe. Tune in now for a fun-filled episode that will get you chucklin’.

Part of a Podcast is knowing the host(s). We like to drop our banter sessions from time to time..and this week’s episode was NOT planned. After a recording failure with a high-profile guest, we decided we’d take over the mics and bring you some February sunshine when you need it most.

We open up the episode and dive into what’s going on right now in the world of golf. New equipment is out and we talk a little bit about what’s going in the bag this year. Bash explains his Titleist mishap with ordering golf balls for the 2023 season.

We turn the episode over and recap this week’s PGA Tour event at Torrey Pines. What happened to Sam Ryder? Pepe goes off on Patrick Reed and a golf talk ensues.

We yuck it up the rest of the episode and bring you up to speed with us…what we’re doing…where we’re playing..and asking ourselves why? You know the feeling.

Enjoy this week’s episode..we think you’ll like it.

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