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With playoff baseball in the air, it’s appropriate to bring on this All-Star pitcher and hear what he’s all about. Mitch Keller joins us on today’s episode of Chasin’ Birdies. The Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher had a great season in 2023, and now, with the offseason in full swing, will he get some golf in?

We open up the episode and chop it up a bit with Mitch. Just getting back from Ireland, we thought there’d be some golf stories..but he didn’t play. We chatted about Ireland and all the golf that happens in that country, along with some stories from the trip last year.

We get the inside scoop of his early career in baseball and being drafted right out of High School. We turn the talk over to baseball now and what it’s like playing for the Pirates. Hitting the league in 2019, Mitch has grown in his role and looks to be hitting his stride into next year.

We turn the talk over to some golf. He grew up with basically a practice facility near his house, so golf came at an early age. Sneaking in golf before baseball practice was something he did on the reg. We flow through some more banter and yuck it up about everything from the offseason to golf trips and everything in between.

We end the episode with our standard Tap-In segment, where Mitch is asked questions that demand his response. Tune in now to this fun episode and hear from a rising star on his love for golf and baseball.

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