We all know how today’s world operates with respect to the youth. More pressure on social media, more pressure to perform, and more pressure on themselves to be better athletes. How do we, as adults, steer these children on the right track?

Travis Snider, former MLB, joins us to discuss the movement he’s behind with 3A Athletics. Having a past of his own has allowed him to understand what the right way to go about youth development is all about. We open up the episode and get into his background and playing career. We talk a bit about his professional career and how he shifted mentally after he retired.

We dive into his development and mentoring for the youth. We get into the beginning stages of 3A Athletics and what the purpose of this organization is.

We turn over to some golf talk and hear about his passion and love for golf, even after he injured himself on the course. We then turn the episode over to our standard Tap-In segment, where we ask him four questions that demand his quick-witted response. Tune in now for an episode that will shed light on some topics you may not be too familiar with!

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